Business Card Organiser

+ Country Holiday Calendar

Branded Productivity Mobile App
Measurable, Low-budget, and Innovative Promotional Giveaway

Modern Business Gift

Easy and multi-channel product distribution

Long-term and year-round proper for giving away product

Critical Mass Generator

High rate of adoption, self-sustaining, and creates further growth

Measurable ROI provided by various KPIs via analytics data

Brand Awareness

Brand Recognition - aiding the awareness

Brand Recall - creates spontaneous awareness

Top-of-mind - makes the brand always the first to come into mind

Brand New Demand & Lead Generation Channel

Business Call-2-Action(s)

Social Media Call-2-Action(s)

More Apps & Extras

Distinctive Marketing Communication Channel
Offering up to 60 Personalised Messages per Year

Holiday & Events Calendar

Communication with the audience up to 60 times per year by over 200 predefined events to choose from, plus any corporate occasions or marketing initiatives.

8 Different Occasions to Connect Your Audience

Categorised message groups by the occasion type, including State Official Holidays, Marketing Initiatives, Corporate Events, Popular celebrations and Special dates in the calendar.

Individual Appreciation

Greeting cards and messages addressing each product user personally.

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eCommerce Loyalty Program

Retain and Increase Your Customer Base

Web-O-Card Coalition Network

Web-O-Card is a discount software platform that incorporates multiple merchants under one loyalty program. Whoever is the card issuer (the merchant store), customers get discounts by shopping at each participating merchant online shop. This model allows retailers to share their market and increase their sales dramatically, as well as accomplish higher return and customer retention.

Loyal Customers to Loyal Retailers

It's a Shopping Standard, and Not Just a Loyalty Program

To become a participant, each WEBOCARD Online Shop covers essential consumer requirements and follows best practices. That guarantees a certain quality of the services, as well as consumer protection, and creates mutual loyalty between the customer and retailer.

The Web-O-Card Model

Cardholders get discounts - in % of each transaction - based on the individual merchant's policy.
a) Global-Fixed Discount on the product’s regular price
b) Same, Different or Non-Discount on individual and reduced prices
c) Same, Different or Non-Discount in a combination with promo code or voucher

The WEBOCARD software is accompanied with consumer’s standard plastic cards, introduction letters and personalised merchant’s wax seal.

Cards are distributed along with customer orders. Apart from the regular distribution, the cards may also be individually presented as a personal giveaway without necessary to be bounded with a previous shopping.

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OmniChannel Business

Sell on Any Channel, Running a Single Platform in Just a Few Weeks

Web2Trade is an ultimate eCommerce platform enabling the business to run simple while dealing with multiple channels. Our cloud-based enterprise-grade platform offers your business a highly customizable and scalable environment, and not at last quite a fast integration.

Trade on Social Media, Comparison Websites and Online Marketplaces.
Offer desktop, tablet and mobile shopping experience!

B2B / B2C Products & Services

Tuned up to any business model as offers features for retailers, manufacturers and wholesalers, as well as for combined models. With Web2Trade you may sell goods, content, subscriptions and services.


Maximise costing with support for procurement and logistic processes.


Control warehouse processes and manage movements. Respond faster to challenges and changes such as returns, exchanges and refunds.

Payments & Accounting

Accept any payment methods and automate the financial operation while ensuring any country's regulatory compliance.

Business Intelligence

Collect real-time data, analyse your statistics and convert it into meaningful business insights.

Focus on Your Business and Stay Relevant at ZERO Extra Cost

Fully Managed Cloud-Based Solutions

Dedicated Support

Free Updates

On-demad Upgrades

Professional Training Programs

Marcomm Services

Also made in NuStage

Forthcoming New Versions


Stay Current! Reborn 4.0

Web Analyser.NET is our on-demand solution for Real Time Analytics.
A powerful tool which gives you the opportunity to measure and manage your KPI(s).

WA collects and presents accurate statistical information and converts it to Meaningful Business Data.

Status: Under Development


The Entirely New 3rd Generation Business Suite.

SALBIS is our foundational solution for Business Process Management (BPM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) created to consolidate, increase the efficiency and productivity within your business.

The Business Suite is highly scalable, adaptable and future-proof complete business solutions. You can build up the right solution for your current needs and smoothly to expand it afterwards, while choosing from a wide range of essential applications and modules, including:

CRM  /  HR  /  Accounting  /  BI  /  SCM  /  SRM  /  PLM  /  eCommerce  /  EAM  /  Project Management  /  Marcom Assets

Status: Re-Engineering Stage

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