Custom-Tailored Solutions

The better you are, the harder it gets

There are always problems, but you call them challenges! By facing each and every challenge you strive to achieve progress measured by effectiveness! And here we stand - understanding your business needs and facing the challenges together with you!

We'll bring your ideas, needs and wants to a product, which is capable of reaching your goals by using the right objectives.


It's all about business performance. Real-time, custom-tailored actionable information that provides operational solutions.

Business Process Management Systems

Process Engine  /  Business Analytics  /  Content Management /  Collaboration tools

Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

Customer Relationship Management  /  Accounting  /  Sales  /  Procurement & Distribution  /  Human Resources

Websites and
Web Apps

by Marketing Initiative

Traffic Generators  /  Lead Generation  /  Credential  /  Support

by Content Type

Product - Service  /  Corporate  /  e-Zine  /  Event Management  /  Directory  /  Promotional

Mobile Apps

by Marketing Initiative

Lead Generation  /  Productivity  /  Business Suites  /  Digital Commerce

by Platform

iOS  /  Android  /  Windows Mobile


Connecting different platforms, data & services by creating a unified environment with a single access point / graphical interface.

API / Web Services

Enterprise Mashups  /  Consumer Mashups  /  Data Mashups


Custom-tailored, highly scalable multichannel commerce Solutions.


Web  /  Mobile  /  Social Media  /  Market Places  /  Comparison Shopping

Commerce Types

B2B (Business-to-Business)  /  B2C (Business-to-Consumer)  /  C2B (Consumer-to-Business)  /  C2C (Consumer-to-Consumer)

Product Types

Goods  /  Content  /  Professional Services  /  Subscription Services


Public  /  Drop ship  /  Private Sales  /  Rebate - Group

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